Hey all…before starting my post I took a look down the right hand side of the screen!  Can you believe the number of certified trainers!?!?  Unbelievable!  No wonder it seems there’s a new post every time I turn around!

In any case, I had the privilege of attending the North Dakota Regional Conference…(cause North Dakota is where it’s at!)…last week.  What an awesome time!  Of course I got to see Deb, Stephen, and Sazzad, and I got to meet Brent and Leah for the first time!  What a time learning more about the roll-out of Therap for States and more about what is to come from Therap in the future.  It is also great to hear from other users about how they are using Therap.

Me…I like to think I’m progressive and ready for change…but then the discussion came up of First Page vs. Dashboard!  I’m not so change ready now!  (You may have already read about it in Justin’s blog here.)  In any case, in the future, you will lose your First Page view of Therap, and move over to a Dashboard only world.  Me…I’m a First Page kinda guy.  Buuuttt….as much as I’m not willing to admit it….it does kinda make sense:)  Dashboard does give you a very organized view of what you have access to in Therap, and a wonderful ‘To-Do’ tab that shows you what needs your attention.

My recommendation…do what I did!  Switch to Dashboard today, and refuse to switch back.  You will find that before you know it, you will be used to it!  It’s really not so bad!

My only request…can we please at least offer First Page a proper burial?  lol

Till next time….