Although Therap itself requires no IT background for users to be able to easily utilize for documentation purposes, it’s good to have your IT department on board. Recently, we’ve been struggling with delays in getting around within Therap.

With myself and Letisha having no serious IT background knowledge, we had to turn to Can Tenamore, our #1 computer guy… in order to try and find out the problem, he has been doing some ping tests.

Ping Tests?

I have no idea what that means, and in fact when he sent me the report, it was gibberish. Non-sensical rubbish that no one could possibly understand unless they have an IT background. We’ve sent the report to Therap and they are assisting us in determining the problem so that we can reduce our delays. (Thanks Therap!)

So, to the point, although you do not need to be a software genius in order to love Therap like I do, it’s good to have buy-in from your go-to-computer-guy when you do have a problem. Our guy is Can, and just like his name, he can do anything!  Thanks Can!