Yes, I was there for just over a week! HOT, HUMID – but everyone said that we were lucky to be there Memorial Day week, as the previous week was even worse. We celebrated my mother-in-law’s 83rd birthday with her, with more than 50 other family members. My husband is the oldest of 11 kids, so just a tiny little family. ;-) We were in the previously tiny town of Carrizo Springs – now growing by leaps and bounds because of oil, creating crazy traffic! It was great to see everyone. We also drove over to Roma to see other family, then went on to South Padre Island. Our granddaughter (who went with us for the first time – we usually take at least one grandkid along, but even though she is the oldest, has never been able to go) was dying to see the ocean for the first time in her life, so we drove over to South Padre, since we were so close. Yes, I know, it is the Gulf, not, technically, the ocean, but for us landlubbers, it is close enough! She actually got to see a dolphin, so that made her day! We all loved the sand and water. I was hoping for cooling breezes off the water, but no such luck. It was just as hot and humid as the rest of South Texas! I hate to say, but my favorite part – paying just $3.11/gal for gas at Port Isabel just before crossing the bridge to the island! Yes, I am a bit of a cheapskate!

Just discovered that I never got back to this draft – was planning to add a photo, but never got back to it. So here it is, a month later. Colorado has had weather as hot as south Texas that I whined about, but without the humidity. And with the fires we have had throughout June, we could have used that humidity! Some fires are being contained, but others continue to pop up, so hoping for a weather change to RAIN soon! At least the High Park fire, that they expected would not be contained until fall when we get snow, is now 100 % contained – well ahead of schedule, thanks at least in part to tiny bits of rain on a couple of days. Fires have been burning in the mountains, into towns and cities (Boulder, Colorado Springs), and out on the eastern plains. Our area had one fire that did not make headlines, and was fortunately quickly contained, but it burned a bit of acreage in rural Weld County. Fortunately for our community, mostly all we have had to contend with is smoke and allergy-like respiratory symptoms.

Now to focus and prepare for my first Therap webinar presentation and Therap conference presentation. Anybody know any good ice breaking jokes?