One of our managers commented on the helpfulness of Therap’s Health Care Report tool. She remarked that she had experienced problems with her staff  not correctly posting follow-ups to medical appointments. Typically they would enter remarks in the ‘comment’ section instead of the ‘results’ section.  The Health Care Report makes it easy to check this.

Under Health Tracking select Report and then Health Care Report. Select an individual from the drop down menu and enter a date, for example the past week or month.  You can select just appointments or add a variety of other Health Tracking report features.  Clicking on the report button quickly gives you an array of information in summary form. In the case of the appointment follow-up information, if the ‘results’ section is blank, it indicates that staff either did not enter results, or entered them in the comment section (vs results).

The Health Care Report feature is very fast, very convenient, very cool.

…in short, “typically Therap.”