Friday: Ran over a snake on the way to work. Finished up our fiscal year billing reports, made sure all documentation for June was reviewed and corrected if needed, followed up on some outstanding issues, then it’s hello weekend!

Saturday: Ran over another snake on the way to a pageant. This was my daughter’s first pageant. She was in the Miss Southern Firecracker pageant. She didn’t place, but did win the People’s Choice so she got a huge crown and trophy… which she didn’t even know because she slept through the crowning! She was so ready to go when we got there she wore herself out before the pageant even started and then only wanted me to hold while she cried… so it was stressful for me. Then after the pageant we went to my relatives to eat ribs, swim in the pool, and ride four-wheelers.

Sunday: Shame on me, skipped out of church. Went to another relatives to eat a huge meal. Then it was home to do laundry, dishes, etc for the upcoming week. Armadillo has dug holes all in my front yard… can’t seem to catch him.

Monday: Back to the grid! Pulled report of overlapping time in Therap for staff to correct. Made a report of health tracking that staff “saved” but not “submitted” for correction. Attended a meeting on getting these corrections made. Entered in an addendum to change services for an individual. Started cleaning my office a little for our anniversary celebration at the office. Oh look at the time… off to get kids and back to the house.

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