Nearly two years to the day after our GoLive date, REACH has now fully implemented electronic billing. Or should I say, we have billed one month’s worth of data electronically and are getting ready to send the second month. It feels like we’re still a long way from working through the many, many glitches that have popped up.

When I was thinking about what to write about and reflecting on the past couple of weeks, what struck me is how accessible the Therap “gurus” are. It is amazing that I can send an email to Jim Kelly or Asif Ali and get an immediate response and guidance on where to go next. Although Therap now has thousands of users who work for hundreds of agencies, it feels very much like a small family. I go to Live Help and it’s often Kara who responds. Several of us at REACH talk about Jim as if his office is down the hall. Allison is an email or text away as well as popping up regularly on my Facebook page.

Knowing that we can reach someone who can help is reassuring as we send hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of claims through the airways and cross our fingers that we get paid. And we are mostly getting paid. But the list of glitches is there. It’s good to know help is nearby.

And one last word of advice: don’t plan to start with electronic billing one month before the end of the fiscal year … Emoticon showing smiley face!