Cannot wait for the CT Conference in Sept!  I was asked to do a presentation and since my favorite piece is the ISP section,  I can share some cool things we have done in our agency here in Hartford!  It is always nice sharing ideas and seeing what others are doing with Therap. 

Supervisors have been working hard on the Training Management section and entering all of their staff’s training.  It is alot of work up front, but SO worth it!   I now have access to all of the staff’s training right at my fingertips.  What a great tool to make sure everyone is up to date on their training.

I also have been busy training other Supervisors in helping out with the “Teaching” piece of Therap.  For the past 2 years, there have only been two of us doing all of the training and with our other full-time job, it can be overwhelming!  So, I suggest you have some backup in case of an emergency!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!  It has been very hot here in CT and have had our 17th day of 90 degree weather.  Is it Fall yet?


Mary Beth Julian

Oak Hill, Hartford, Ct