Progress Industries staff and local Therap expert Josh Stafford recently returned from an African safari but was still eager to answer questions about his adventures with MARs…Medication Administration Records, that is:

BT: Josh, how long have been using Therap MARs?

JS: I believe around 3 years.

BT: How does the Therap MARs module save you time and/or help you complete your job more efficiently?

JS: It allows me to review the MAR from anywhere that I have an internet connection. This also allows the nursing staff that are entering new medication orders or making changes to existing orders the ability to make changes without having to go to each program location.  The Due Medications feature allows for a quick and simple review of medication administration of the day.

BT: There have been a number of improvements made to the MARs module in the past year. Which of these are your favorites and why?

JS: My two favorite MARs improvements have been the Due Medications and the Medication Scheduler. The Due Medication feature allows both the medication passer and any one that would be reviewing the MAR a quick and very simple way to see if all of the medications that are scheduled to be administered have been signed for. If you are the person administering those medications and you have a missing signature, you are able to follow the links to sign for the medication. The Medication Scheduler allows the person that is entering the medication history and updating the MARs a method of scheduling medications for only certain days/times during the month. This will then highlight the medication on the days that it is to be administered. This is just another visual queue for the person that is administering the medication.   

BT: What additional changes would you like to see made in Therap MARs?

JS: I would like to see the Due Medication feature have a date range greater the one day. If you are off for several days and want to complete a review for more than one day, you have to select each day one at a time.  

BT: What advice would you give to another provider thinking about starting to use Therap MARs?

JS: Start with small groups and spend testing the medication history form to make sure you understand in completely. All the information for the MAR will be pulled from this form and you want to make sure tis information comes a crossed clearly to those that are administering the medications. (BT: Progress Industries has employed Pilot Groups in rolling out every Therap module. It helps test the waters and work out any unanticipated problems and also allows for an excellent mentor to trainee ratio for great support.)  THANKS JOSH for your help with Therap training and implementation!