It started minutes before our monthly Therap meeting. Those whisperings that say “you don’t really have any idea what you’re talking about’. As the meeting progressed the whisperings began to speak much more confidently their hateful words. Then without warning the horrible voices found a body. A staff across from you begins to give these amazing suggestions on how they were overcoming some issues, in Therap, at his program. There it was. All the proof anyone needed; here was a staff who knew more about Therap than you, the “Therap go to guy”. Trying to stay calm I searched the faces of other staff in the room looking to see if they noticed. In doing so I came to a realization.

As I looked at the staff seated around the table it hit me, like an axe to a floorboard, that I was only a part of the machine. Here I was at a table surrounded by the grunts, the G.I.s, the Navy SEALS of our company. These were the people that had dirt on their hands. Of course this staff, and many others, were going to have brilliant ideas on how to over come issues. They are the ones actually having to use Therap in real-time. It was an amazing reminder that our job as certified trainers is often times simply that of a facilitator, a jumping point if you will, for staff to launch themselves to greater heights in the world of Therap.

And the voices fell silent. And we all became more knowledgeable in Therap.