Gorillas in the Mist

It has been a busy July here in Kansas.  I have had several agencies  have their kick-off for Therap and spent most of the month training staff on how to use Therap’s T-Log, GER, and SComm modules.  I have also been able to spend some time talking to other providers in Kansas to see how they are using Therap.  So I just want to give a big shout out to my new friends at CCL and Futures Unlimited.  They all do great work with individuals with intellectual disabilities and it is amazing to see what they can do with Therap.

But, I really wanted to use this post to share with everyone in Therapland what an awesome job the staff in Mosaic of Southeast Kansas did with implementing Therap in their Pittsburg and Coffeyville agencies.  Most of the Mosaic agencies that I’ve had the pleasure of working with have put together teams to guide the successful implementation of Therap.  These teams have been made up of two people as provider administrators along with one or two other staff as the subject matter experts for the Therap modules.  So far these staff were in an administrative function in their respective agencies.  But not the team in Mosaic of Southeast Kansas.  They had a whole gob of people on their team.  Not only the administrative staff in the key roles but also direct support staff.  They had around ten members total on this team.   They are members of the agency’s Change Management team and are used to help roll out new projects for the agency.  So naturally they were the perfect fit for this new project.  The potential benefits of having direct support staff as subject matter experts is endless.  Anytime day or night if a staff has a question about Therap they will be able to ask their co-worker who will have the best possible answer for them.  A new staff is hired…no problem, just pair them up with one of the many subject matter experts working at the sites.

So, if you’re thinking about implementing Therap in your agency look around…the direct support staff might be just what you need to get your implementation plans rolling out smoothly.  So thanks again to the staff  in Southeast Kansas for making it a great visit and Go Gorillas!

And now…it’s the derby!