As all summers in Alaska this one is flying by, the fair starts next week and that is a sure sign that Fall is just around the corner. Then comes the S word, which we don’t like to use too early. This summer has gone by particularly fast for me because I have been on the go. In May I was in Gettysburg PA for a week long dog show which we took time to also see my parents who are 300 miles from the show site. Then I took a 5 day trip to Denver CO. to breed one of my dogs to a lovely boy there. We are expecting a good size litter on August 20th. which will be another adventure in itself. This will be my first litter so I have been doing lots of research and reading. I was home two days from that trip when I headed to Oklahoma City to see my new Grand daughter. I got to see 2 of my kids and 2 Grand daughters for a week, which is never long enough.

Now while I anxiously await the arrival of the puppies I am up to my ears in getting things rolling in Therap, we are in the process of changing our ISP’s to make billing a reality, rolling in all the departments and getting the TMS up and rolling. I feel like we have dragged this out so long and I finally and getting the support and backing needed to get it moving along faster. I can’t wait till everything we have been working on is fully functional and moving.

Of course there is also the new update coming out which looks like it will make life easier. I have spent this week reminding everyone that they need to have off line forms printed up for the 14 hour outage.

Life in Alaska stays especially busy in the summer time with all our day light, I don’t get as much sleep as I should and that makes me look forward to some darkness and time to catch up on rest.