When working around my farmette’ I allow my goats to have a

holiday from their usual pen, hoping that they will eat the weeds in the different

areas.  They so enjoy their new found freedom that the fence is now being climbed for great munchies.

 In my frustration at securing the fence to contain these animals I threw the tie wire onto the ground so

I could get the fence panel moved back to its original location. I got the

panel repositioned, ready to secure and I could no longer see that piece of

wire I needed.

 It was not until I stepped away and looked at things from a different angle that I could see the rays

of the sun making that small piece of wire shine in the middle of a patch of weeds.

So when looking for solutions to challenges, take a step away.

Change direction and look at it from a different angle.

As summer winds to a close, change your routine, allow the rays to shine through, you will

see things you may never have imagined.   Happy August!