Hello again,
It gives me great pleasure to share how therap not only empower the individuals we work with but also how it empowers families. One of my last posts I shared how therap empowered individuals by teaching them how to use the MAR to document taking their medications. Now, We went a little further by teaching family members how to document on the MAR when the individual goes on a home visit. Families also have access to see T-Logs, ISP goals , medical appointments, etc. on their family member. Families love this because it keeps them in the loop with what is going on with their loved one. Now, some have learned to navigate the MAR is an awesome achievement. Families can not only see the progress their love one are making but they can also participate in doing the medications on the MAR. This makes them feel empowered and truly apart of the team. We have received good feedback from families regarding this and they appreciate the work that is being done with their loved one. It gives me great joy to empower families as well as the individuals we work with. Thanks Therap!