Hello from Texas!!!

First I wanted to say thanks to all of those who have helped smooth over the upgrade process.

I have been in the field for a solid two months in Texas assisting four agencies with set up, data imports, training, equipment overhauls and Go live procedures for T-logs, GERs, and SComms. I have been RUNNING all over Texas with the assistance of planes, trains, automobiles, and even an ATV and a cruise ship thrown in there for sport. Literally I crossed 6 rivers today on a trip to train an agency’s direct care staff on three modules.  Who knew there were 6 rivers in Texas you could cross in one day.  I have learned a great many things when visiting and assisting agencies in Texas. Some lessons were planned and some were “discovered”.

On a brief weekend hiatus at home in Dallas, Texas this past weekend I was able to squeeze in some one on one time and play a round of golf with my dad. He is extraordinarily good at giving advice on your game, whether solicited or not. I seem to always mix business and recreation, so in between fatherly lessons, I took a few snap shots of his own game and felt it appropriate to put it into Therap appropriate language. Here’s what I have learned from example…

Square up with the ball = face the task at hand.  Whether it be a data upload or a training class, know how to to size up the job.

Always bring the right club = make sure you have the right tools for the job and always have that “special” tool for those surprise occasions when the internet goes down in the middle of a class of twenty.

Dress the part = A name tag doesn’t hurt.

Don’t get too far away from the ball = never be gone too long from an agency in the transition of rolling out a new module.  Check in with leads on a daily/weekly basis even if they are not checking in with you.  Activity tracking can be your biggest key but it does not replace a phone call.

Don’t move your head = My favorite advice… anticipate that something may distract you in any major implementation whether it is a regulation change, a system upgrade, a power outage, or a last minute change in agency experts.   Keep your eyes on the prize and try not to let the distractions take you away from the end goal.       Lunch!      No… a successful implementation and happy users.

There were pictures but apparently my parental controls are still active.  Oh well.  I will be seeing some of you hopefully at the Texas Therap Regional conference.  For the rest of you, if you come to Texas I’m sure to run into you if you’re ever near a river.


Happy Trails, Shannon Crawford