I had the privilege of training two Therap classes last month.  We offered both a day class and an evening class to accomdate the differing needs of our new employees.  I walked into my first class, and based on the fact that FirstPage will be ‘going away’ eventually, I decided to train using Dashboard instead.

I began using Dashboard instead of the wonderful FirstPage, (which so many of us will mourn the loss of), when the announcement was made that we would eventually be ‘forced’ to.  I will admit that the more I use Dashboard, the easier it becomes.  There are times that I need to switch back to FirstPage to figure out what I’m feebly attempting to do, but otherwise I have the hang of Dashboard now.

What a shock though, when I began to train on Dashboard.  I realized very quickly that I needed to change my approach somewhat!  For example, I usually point to the little square that holds everything about T-Logs, and explain that that is the T-Log module, and move forward from there.  Not quite that way now…T-Logs waiting for you to review show up on the ‘To Do’ tab, and you go to the Individual tab to create or search for T-Logs!  The first class I trained took some adjusting, but we made it through.  Thankfully, that helped me prepare for the second class!

Lesson learned…just because you’ve trained something a trillion times, you may still want to take a little time for review before you train it each time.  Otherwise…you may get tossed a curve ball:)

Before closing out…let me also encourage you…SWITCH TO THE DASHBOARD…IT’LL MAKE IT EASIER ON YOU WHEN YOU HAVE TO SWITCH…and although I’ll never admit it out loud…it does make more sense when you really begin using it:)

Till next time!