Have you ever noticed that once you begin to use Therap…the language around your company changes.  You begin to speak ‘Therap’.

Therap Daily flairHere are some of the things I’ve heard…

“You need to Therap that!”
“I’ll S-Comm you!”
“Did you read your Therap?”
“You need to get that in a G E R!”

To an outsider the language can be pretty confusing at first.  When you hire someone, make sure you think about what you are saying so they aren’t left confused.

On an funny note, I had to laugh as I listened to an older employee without much computer experience, tell an ‘non-employee’, “I’ll send you an S-Comm.”  I had to correct her and tell her, “No, you’ll send her an email!”

So…what other things have you heard said in your agency in ‘Therap’?