It’s been while since I blogged and I apologize for that. Life at MDC has been pretty busy and Therap usage is at an all-time high. Recently we have made a switch in how we document PRNs. MDC procedures had staff title and document an event in Tlogs, including the use of PRNs. The Nurses would then create an additional Tlog and title it as PRN. This led to massive confusion when it came to pulling documentation on a client and skewed the numbers to indicate the client received twice as many PRNs. In order to fix this problem, the Nursing department was trained on how to use the MARs for the purpose of documenting PRNs. The staff were also trained to not include PRNs in the T-logs so that double reporting would not occur. This procedure has been in place for only a few weeks but is starting to make difference already. Our next project is to begin to utilize the BER portion of Therap to more accurately record client behavioral events. Is there any other organizations using the BERs? How well do they work for you? Thanks for your help in this area.