One more example of how Therap can be a time, energy, and space saver. I took this snapshot when visiting an agency who has been using the system since the beginning of the summer. Needless to say, not all systems have been “Therapised” just yet.  They are getting there though.

Paper v Laptop
Paper v laptop

That’s one of my Subject Matter Experts sorting through a stack of papers for a training segment she is handing off to another coworker. Papers easily that were ten years old were in the stack. It took a little time and space to say the least.

My work has been heavily “Therapised” so my portion of the table is that small section where you see the laptop.  That’s it.  That’s a far different picture from a little over a year ago when paper was how I justified my job.

Today I feel a little lighter, faster, and organized enough to move to a different space if need be. She may need more room!