Allison is probably VERY disappointed in my neglectful blogging habits, but I’ve had a bunch of life events within the last few months that have taken up all my time.  I think everyone will understand when you read this….here it goes:

On September 18th, I was blessed with the birth of my first son, Remy.  (His cute little mug is below…)

Original Picture is Unavailable

Remy has Robertsonian Translocated Down Syndrome which was revealed to us after the 32nd week ultrasound saw that he also had duodenal atresia, a condition where the opening from the stomach to the intestine is not present.  Three days after birth, he was whisked away for the surgery to correct the atresia and this began his over 2 month stay at the NICU.  I was still working during the day and then taking up residence at the hospital at night.  This was a crazy 2 months, but we finally got him home after he decided to start taking his feedings a bit more seriously….(doesn’t take after his pop in that department)

September 21st arrived, and I was the proud recipient of the new iPhone 5. (Had to throw a tech thing in..;) )  It is a pretty cool device and much faster than my old 4.  I’m definitely going to be upgrading the iPhone fleet here at the agency to these as I can!

October 26th brought me the new Windows 8 upgrade for a few of my machines.  I’m on the fence on this OS right now.  It is faster, it is styled a bit better, but it does take some getting used to.  If you are a Microsoft fan, you will probably like it.

November 7th I turned 35….and on November 9th, Remy finally came home!  With him home, I was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with 3 weeks off.

I’m back now and our agency is going through some changes…and Therap will be heading this charge.  We are reworking caseloads, reassigning case managers, appointing new program directors and FINALLY getting into the use of ISPs (crossing fingers on this one).  Things are still unfolding here, but it seems that everyone involved in the moves are happy and can’t wait to have Therap simplify their newly appointed positions.


Stay tuned…and I promise to not be gone so long next time!