2012 has been an extremely busy year!  This year we transferred our individuals’ personal property records and financial records into Therap, began using time tracking, attendance and started utilizing the ISP data tracking module for site visits.  All successfully, I might add, and with pleasure (well, mostly!).  We have been especially excited about the financial module.  It has made a world of difference for our staff and managers; saving time and frustration.  No more missing receipts/records!!

I am sorry to say that I did not reach all of my Therap goals for 2012.  The plan was to implement TMS by December, to tighten up T-Logs and to revise our Therap manual.  But…I am not looking back!

I am now looking forward to an exciting 2013.  We have a few new (excellent) additions to our management staff, new house coordinators, and plans for a few process changes.  Our Therap goal for 2013 is to implement TMS by mid-year, (Oregon specific) ISPs, revise the Therap manual, create management and lead staff specific Therap training,  and tighten-up our T-log processes.

As we check our Therap goals and tasks off of the list, we will update on things that worked and things that didn’t.  Any advice or comments are welcome too!

Here’s to a safe and exciting  new year, cheers!