Happy New Year Therapites!  Sorry for my absence within the trainer blog, I can say I’ve truly missed it.

This year has been full if exciting changes for me, both in my relationship with Therap and in my professional life.  After a couple of job changes I am happy to say I am a bit more settled and working with Therap at a few agencies again.  I am a management consultant for DD Waiver provider agencies in the Southwest.  One of my current contracts is with a great little supported living agency called Great Livin’.  We are working diligently to get Therap implemented in each of their houses with a “go live” date of Feb 1 of next year.  This is a big step for them and it has been fun supporting them in this process so far.

Additionally, I’m really excited about the upcoming National Therap Conference!  I hope to see many of you there.  I’ll be doing a session on statewide implementation in New Mexico.  May the coming year bring you many blessings!

Happy New Year