Happy New Year!  (a little late!)

I have not been the greatest Certified Trainer in 2012…I’ve been awaiting the dreaded call/email from Allison to ‘chew’ me out…thankfully it hasn’t come yet!  (I think I owe her big time!)  Therefore…here I sit on a Saturday blogging…hoping to pacify her a little bit!  (And I should mention…if you haven’t met Allison…she’s really not a bully!)

In any case, we are always looking for some things to help make our lives a little easier.  Technology is always advancing, and there are always some new website or apps to help you out.  Some of them I’ve found I didn’t really like, some of them are actually quite nice!

DO.COM – Free

This website allows you to create projects, and within each project break it down into tasks.  Each task can be assigned to one or more people.  Each project also has a chat feature of sorts where everyone involved can make comments as to the progress of the task.  You can also attach documents to the tasks as you work on them.  Each task can be assigned a deadline, and the users will get emails reminding them to complete the tasks.  Once each task is completed, you simply mark it as completed.

The site also includes apps for Android and Apple.


Another website…this one allows you to create meeting agendas.  First you create a meeting, enter the people you would like to invite, the date and time, location, and name of the meeting.  You then move on to create specific topics, and each topic can include information portions, tasks, and during the meeting you can enter decisions.  The meetings can be printed, exported to excel, and emailed.

Unfortunately, there are currently no apps for agreedo.

MAILCHIMP.COM – Free (up to 12,000 emails/month)

I can’t say I have much experience with mailchimp at this time, but in the near future I hope to be mailchimp savvy!  Most of us have heard of ConstantContact…Mailchimp is the cheap mans version:)  Create lists of emails, create your email, and mailchimp will send out the email.  Mailchimp also manages the subscriptions to your campaigns, allowing people to unsubscribe at will.

Mailchimp will integrate with your Google account or Facebook account…how this works…don’t know yet…but I plan to find out!

Mailchimp also includes apps for Android and Apple.


Most of you are probably used to Google Drive (Google Docs).

I have used Google for a number of years, and it is one of the greatest options for portable documents!

I utilize it to manage time off requests.  Employees submit their time off requests via a Google Drive Form, it enters it into a list which I use when doing the monthly schedule.

All my schedules get backed up to a folder in Google Drive.

We just recently began doing a supervisor’s end-of-shift checklist via a Google Form.

Google Drive allows you to give access to multiple users based on folders or documents.

While I’m on the Google kicks…I should also mention that their calendar is the best as well:)


Doodle.com gives you a private page showing your times available for meetings, and allows users to submit a request to meet with you.  You get your own page.  Mine is doodle.com/tonypuckett and links right with my Google Calendar!

Well, there are some of my favorite websites…next time maybe I’ll move on to some of my favorite iPad apps:)

Till next time…