“Most everything that you want is just outside your comfort zone.”
― Jack Canfield

We at Metro Support Services in Thornton CO have been using Therap for just over a year now.  Having used the same software for the previous 13 years, one could say that we were “leaving our comfort zone” to be sure.  The data integration and learning to navigate a new software application have been the easy part.  Persuading staff members and contractors to see the opportunities and benefits that await them just outside of their own comfort zones, well that was a bit more challenging.  Employing a system of patience, encouragement and simply worded instruction, I have been privileged to witness the triumphs of many end users as they conquer their fear of technology and report with delight all of their independent discoveries as they work within Therap.  Therap has been a most wonderful tool in that which it has been written to do as a comprehensive documentation software but it has also been an inspiration to me as I watch so many others become comfortable with computing in general.  I always knew that I was capable of teaching others but it just wasn’t in my comfort zone.  Having decided to become a Certified Trainer, I step outside of one of my own comfort zones and am ready to embrace the rewards of that which I will myself learn along the way.

Whether it is a professional skill or climbing a mountain, we all have our comfort zones.  It is so much fun to watch the newer zones emerging as the old ones fall away, making room for greater and more rewarding growth as we surmount these newer comfort zones.  That said, let’s all try to step outside of our zone today!