Hello everyone!

I’ve been busy here at Mosaic getting ready for next week’s National Therap Conference in New Jersey. I will be doing 2 presentations – The Price is Right! and Why Big is Different (or How to do BIG things with a Small team). Hope to see many of you there.

At Mosaic, we are currently working on our Phase 2 of Therap implementation – ISP’s. One question that has come up is in regards to scoring methods. We have not found a good way to be able to use the Count scoring and have it correctly calculate when the program has not been run. For example, if we are using Count to track Behaviors, if the program has not been run and data entered, it looks as if the Individual had NO behaviors, when in reality the staff may have forgotten to enter anything. The only option we have found is to report using the Hab Documentation, which will show a blank for no entry.

Does anyone have other options for this type of tracking using ISP Programs? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

See you in New Jersey!