We passed 21 car accidents on the way to Jersey, but it was worth it.  Allison put the majority of the Certified Trainers on probation, so you will be hearing from many of us!  Damien wondered why so many of us shopped at “Committee Mart,” but Bev realized her caseload was larger than his entire agency.  It’s very interesting to see all the differences across the nation, and how they manage Therap at their agency.  Yesterday, I presented on TRC’s Therap Guides.  One agency was ecstatic to learn they could require T-Logs to be written after a GER was written.  This allows a limited number of people to have access to GERs, but everyone to be notified of the event.  Of course we have been giving Therap lots of ideas including a better offline form for MARs, allowing the Personal Focus Worksheet role to be with ISP Plan View (so all team members including the individual and family could input on the worksheet), having the update date for Individual Medical Information and Contacts reflect on the ID, having acknowledgement on Care Plans, and the list goes on.  If you would like to see any of these changes or others be sure to submit a Feedback to Therap.