If you were following me via the Certified Trainer Blogs… I must apologize for being remiss in my blogging duties!  Here’s what I have been up to…

In October, we launched the Mosaic Rockford, IL agency in the “Phase 1” skills.    This included T-Logs, GER’s, SComm’s, admin tasks and a back-up plan.  (BTW – if you are ever in the area, eat at the Green Fire).   Once I completed this delivery, I was right at 1000 new, Therap users trained in Iowa and Illinois inside of 10 months.  Whew…

In November, the Midwest Region “pilot agencies” began the process of preparing for and launching the ISP modules.  Effectively, we restarted the training cycle by introducing “Phase 2” into the roll-out process.  The Western Iowa and Macomb, IL agencies are now on their way with their deployment plans.

In December, I initiated the Phase 1 training for our “final” agency in the Midwest Region.  The North Central Iowa agency consists of 3 locations separated by 120 miles.  I trained  the team in Nevada, IA…. then, I had to “pass the torch” to the RTC team to train Clarion and Forest City in January.   I was offered and accepted the HCBS Habilitative Coordinator in Des Moines.  The position started on 12/17.

So….I’ve been a little busy.

While I do miss being on the “leading edge” of Therap deployment within the organization (all I did was eat-sleep-drink Therap), seeing the impact of the platform at the local level is extremely rewarding.   The huge upside is that there are those who want access to additional modules -now- because of the increased efficiency via the use of a single source, cloud based system.  The benefit is painfully obvious.  Heck, I hear tales of Direct Support Staff who try to put everything in a T-Log and “forget” about the paper record, because of the desire to move forward.

In my new agency role, when I now participate in the “old methodology”… that being of paper shuffling… I have to stop myself from asking the snarky question, “Does this come with an abacus?”   It’s no wonder people are ready into the roaring 2000’s.  There are tools out there to help us do our job better and more efficiently.  This translates into more quality time with the people in your service.   Now that staff have a taste of Therap…it’s tough to pull back on the reins.

But, be planful in your deployment tactics.  It would be very easy to “over run your headlights” by turning everything on and tell your team to have at it.  Without a plan and timeline that carefully considers your organization’s capacity to replace paper with Therap, you’ll only invite trouble, confusion and frustration.

  1. Communicate.  Communicate.  Communicate.
  2. Be VERY clear on what you want to accomplish.
  3. Determine what you want the data to produce when all is said and done.
  5. Pick your modules…and not all at once.
  6. Did I mention communicate?
  7. Tool up.
  8. Do your prep.
  9. Train.
  10. Launch.
Let your organization acclimate to the new platform before you move forward.  Let front line staff master the skills of the initial modules before adding another layer.  Give them time… but set a goal.  Work expands to the time given to do it.
Trust me, your teams will let you know when they are ready.  And it will be before the goal you set.