Well, now I have added one more thing to my list of things I am responsible for. I am now a Certified Trainer. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited. It will be fun being involved in the movement. The conference was great. I learned there is always more to learn. And of course it was nice to put a person to the name I see when I seek out Live Help or read blogs.

I did come back energized and ready to move my company forward with Therap. I want a Therap committee. Yes, that is correct, we do not currently have a Therap committee. But we will! And then hold on to your hats. I guess since I am in Texas I should say hold on to your cowboy hats.

I have to say it was nice to get back to Texas weather. I did miss the warm and wind. I live near Dallas and have read that Dallas is windier than Chicago. I don’t think it is windier than West Texas though. Stay tuned. I’ll be back. Same place another time.