Screenshot of Multi-Individual Events Search

Among the new features in Therap’s latest releases, is something called Multi-Individual Events (MIEs). Since Therap’s inception as a clearly individual-based system that meets HIPAA’s standards, the best practice for writing about an incident involving more than one individual is to create more than one incident report (or General Event Report (GER) in Therap vernacular). The trouble with this is keeping track of what individual(s) may be involved in numerous events. For example, is one individual repeatedly targeting another individual or staff member? Given GERs as they stand on their own, this is very difficult even when one takes advantage of the Event Summary or the Management Summary in the Report Library. Beginning to solve this issue was the premise of the Multi-Individual Event Reports.

For staff to view and create MIEs, they need to have the privilege and this can be granted user by user on the Assign User Privilege page under the Common Roles list. It is the last option to be checked off. Note that this will allow a user to create and view MIEs specifically. However, any user who can submit a GER can also link necessary GER forms as well, even if they do not have this access. This specific role would be most applicable to management and oversight staff.

Screenshot of Copying the GER for other Individual(s)

So, the first question: How do I link the GERs?

As I said above, any person who can submit a GER can link them, thereby creating an MIE. After completing a GER, it can be either saved or submitted; doing either will give the user the option of copying the GER and applying it to other individual(s) and generating other GERs. The secondary GERs are automatically saved on their To Do tab under GER Worklist to revise and submit. Personally, I would save the original as well and wait until they are all completed to submit them because, dependent on the given user’s privileges, they may not be able to access the submitted form if they realize they made a mistake.

Screenshot of linking existing GERs

The second question: As a person with the MIE privilege, what can I do?

Under the Individual tab on your Dashboard, the MIEs are a line item of their own. You can search to find GERs that have already been linked and add both a title and summary of the occurrence or you can create new MIEs and manually link the relevant GERs yourself. Presently, you should know, the MIE portion of GERs is not interfacing with Event Summaries, which many people have already suggested, but it is a good beginning for the quality assurance capabilities within a given agency.

Feel free to drop me a note if you have questions.