I know, its been a LONG time and I am feeling guilty, guilty, guilty for not blogging!  But my excuse is that I just got back to work since November!   Feeling a bit old having a hip replacement at 50, but I am now the Bionic Woman, so watch out!

My first day back to work, I got to go to the Annual Conference in NJ, what a way to start the week.   The Conference was awesome, saw a lot of my Therap friends, and met some new ones too!  Thoroughly enjoyed just talking to people on how they are doing with Therap, what they are working on, and whats next!  I got alot of helpful tools, handouts, and just new ideas.

I joined in on many discussions about the MAR section.  That is our next section here at Oak Hill.   I think we are all very hesitant to start the process and trying to get everyone on board!  Any helpful hints would be great for anyone out there using the MAR!

I hope Allison doesn’t kick me out of this wonderful group!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Certified Trainers Group in NJ.  It made my day to meet all of the new trainers and all we did was laugh!  What a riot!    I needed that.  And as Billy Joel says, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints!”

Will write soon, promise Allison!

MB Julian-Oak Hill, Hartford, CT