I can’t believe that February is almost over. Had a great time at the National Conference, learned lots especially about all the new features and the CCHIT modules. Since I returned I have been busy making sure everyone understands the new features. We also are getting closer to adding new programs, clients and progressing towards billing. By the beginning of March we will have Residential and Vocational totally using Therap for all clients, that just leaves Family Services and Sr. Services to add.

Sr. Services and Family Services staff mainly are remote workers that are not at the office with internet access and it was great to hear what other agencies are doing to get the needed documentation from those staff that work remotely.

We are getting everyone trained on how to use the TMS and that seems to be going great. Everyone likes the access to their training records and the ability to sign up for upcoming classes.

I always have to write a little about my fur kids when I blog so if you are not interested don’t read any further….
Since I last wrote, we had a tragedy and lost two of our older dogs to cancer on the same day. This was a horrible start to the new year for us as it happened on January 4th. Thankfully we have the two young puppies that we kept from our first litter to help keep our spirits up. We are gearing up for the start of our showing season, the puppies will start their show careers with a show in March in Anchorage and then a trip to Loveland, CO,  for our National Specialty. I can’t believe they turned 6 months old yesterday. How time flies!

Well back to work, gotta think of what I want to do a webinar on before Allison slaps my hand.

Sprig and Cassi

Hope that all is well in Therap land for all of you!