Picture of Lori Sojka, Therap Provider Administrator for Southeast Works.

This is what Lori has to say…

Hi, I am Lori Sojka, aka Therap Provider Administrator for Southeast Works.  Southeast Works is one of the smaller agencies serving the DD population in western New York, but we are expanding, and that is how we were introduced to Therap.  I have been working for Southeast for a little over three years with two of those years being devoted to the upkeep of our Therap system.

I started out at Southeast as a Clinical BOA.  The first major project I was assigned to was to put together a mass mailing to our individuals.  During this project I discovered that our agency did not have a master list of the individuals that we serve with up-to-date information (addresses, contacts, doctors, etc…),  that was accessible to all staff.  I brought up my concerns and asked what can we use to develop a system that is up to date and where everyone can see the same information??  The answer was Therap!  We have been using Therap for a little over two years now and I am very happy.  Remember: as long as the Provider Administrator is happy, then everybody is happy. (Allison’s Note: This is true.)

In my other life I am a wife and mother, aka Provider Administrator for the Sojka household.  I have been married to my husband for twenty-four years and we have two adult sons who are now on their own.  Yes, I am an empty nester!  That is, an empty nester with the exception of our two dogs, who are way more demanding than my children.

Essentially, I am very pleased with the career path I have chosen, as it is very gratifying.  I had been seeking a profession that fulfilled my need to help others and I have finally found it.  I work for a great agency and with and for great people.  I highly recommend working in this field and I highly recommend Therap.

Allison’s Note: Lori was in no way compensated for saying such nice things. ;)