In recent months I’ve been working closely with a small residential provider called Great Livin’. Their nurse has been using Therap for the e-CHAT, a couple of custom forms, IDFs, and administrative use of Health Tracker for about two years, but no one in the frontline had yet used the system. They pulled everyone together and took the plunge to begin using Therap for their direct support documentation. Phase 1: T-logs, SComm, some basic Health Tracker, GER, and Time Tracker went live on February 1st. They have really hit the ground running and haven’t looked back. The staff are doing great with the system and everyone is so much more informed. They calculated that using Therap saved them hundereds of dollars in copying in just the first month alone! Additionally, now that the managers have a much better idea of what everyone is doing every day, it has really changed the priorities of the agency and they are able to focus energy on changes that have a positive impact on individuals in support.

We met yesterday with their managers to plan Phase 2: ISP programs, ISP data, appointments, and?… While initially a bit hesitant about building ISP programs, the managers couldn’t stop talking about how ISP data would help guide the staff to working on what is important. The managers also learned how to use sign-up agreements and splash messages. Later that day (it was payroll and everyone was in and out picking up their checks) it was discovered that there was a error in the electronic payroll report and most of the checks were inaccurate! Within 10 minutes, there was a splash message and a flurry of SComms to ensure everyone knew what was going on and what would happen to correct it. The agency director walked by and with a big grin said “I {insert word of choice} LOVE THERAP!”

Therap to the rescue!

Therap to the rescue! (I think I need to find a female super hero image for Therap - with all that multi-tasking Therap must be a woman)