Services that TRC and other New York agencies provide to people with disabilities are under severe threat as a result of a proposed amendment to the 2013-2014 budget by Governor Andrew Cuomo. The Governor has proposed that $120 million be cut from OPWDD(Office of People with Developmental Disabilities), and OPWDD Commissioner Courtney Burke is proposing that the ENTIRE $120 million be cut from voluntary providers like The Resource Center, none from State operations. Since the State and Federal Government each supply 50% of Medicaid funding, the $120 million NYS cut would mean a matching $120 million cut from the federal government. This $240 million cut to OPWDD services would mean a 6 percent cut across all OPWDD programs. This would mean that many of the advances people with disabilities have enjoyed over the last four decades would be drastically cut. Individuals and families who depend on OPWDD services from providers (residential, day habilitation, supported employment, pre vocational services) must make their voices heard! Let the Governor, the Commissioner of OPWDD and our State legislators know what these services mean to you, and that these cuts cannot be tolerated. Please call, write or visit with legislators to tell your story and help them to understand that this is not just a line on a budget — people’s services and supports are at grave risk! This matter is time sensitive as the amendment would go through in April. Below is the contact info for some of the key people you should try and reach:

Commissioner Courtney Burke
44 Holland Avenue
Albany, New York 12229

Governor Andrew Cuomo
State Capital Building
Albany, NY 12224

Senator Catharine Young
2 East Second Street, Suite 302
Jamestown, NY 14701