So…had the opportunity to be on a nice phone conversation today with Jim Hobbs, Manager Office of Clinical, Administrative and Program Support (OCAPS) with the Bureau of Accreditation & Licensure regarding the possibility of starting a pilot program with providers using Therap on the possibility of helping the State move to a more paperless review system.  I wasn’t the only representative asked to be on this call either…folks from Mosaic, Royal Living, and Rimland all joined in and helped facilitate a great conversation.  (Michelle Saunders set this all up…)

I’m not certain if any headway was made, but it seemed that we all had some very valid points that the Bureau seemed to agree with.  The conversation definitely caused the members at the Bureau to rethink about how they do things and this is a good thing!  Only time will tell if anything comes of this conversation, but be certain that I will update you all.  Maybe before I retire, I will see the State of Illinois be a lean mean Therapin’ machine….baby steps.