Since the National Conference in Janurary, we have been looking into trying some new techniques to use in Therap. We are currently re-training staff on GER/CEP Reporting as the staff now have to make inital contact to guardians, case workers, family, managers and nurses. DSP’s will have any follow up access to GER’s removed and have the submit privilege only. They will then give a brief description of the incident in a T-Log. With this change, DSP’s will still be able to search for and see GER’s that have been submitted.
We are also starting the process to get TMS up and running and are working with Staff Development and Human Resources to get the ball rolling soon. Our HR department will put in all employee hire dates to help easily track training for all staff.
Our Therap Reference Manual has been put on our desktop computers for staff access to eliminate the paper copy and save trees. Therap Offline Forms are available for staff incase of internet problems or if Therap is down. We continue to train our staff on the importance of documentation by the end of each scheduled shift.
In and effort to minimize low T-Logs we are going to create a data plan for daily shift events/occurances in the ISP Data Module. This will also prevent double documentation and direct staff where to go to find out more information or to let them know when a GER has been completed.
Lastly we are going to pilot one of our houses with the Financial Module with hopes to have all the homes using this module in the near future.

We continue to look for new ideas to help us use Therap in a more effect way so any ideas will be appreciated.