Surviving as a Therap Admin may be overwhelming for some, but I like to swim in the deep end.  Therap Administration is the part of my job I love the most. There’s work and there’s your life’s work. Administration is the type of work that I would sacrifice a weekend for.

I have assembled the five most common Therap administration tools I use daily.

      Activity Tracker is my go-to tool for solving the most commonly reported issues, i.e., “I can’t login”.

Since retirement of Last Login, Activity Tracker can be used to track the same information. Activity Tracking for login information, (both      successful and failure) is as simple as selecting the necessary Activity Type and then Search. Login failures will show you if it was the result of:

  • Password mismatch (user entered the wrong password)
  • Password expired (password needs to be reset)
  • User is not active (the user account has grown stale and needs to be reactivated)

Knowing the difference between these two roles is key to cutting your problem solving in half. For me, I simplify the difference as:

  • If its the User experience working with the individual, then its most likely a Super Role solution.
  • If its the User experience with access, then it is likely an Agency/Admin Role solution.
    There is no pragmatic absolute with these two rules, there are always exceptions. Most of the time I can cut to the chase when I keep it simple.

A User account has one of four statuses. Aside from Active, the most common status I find are Inactive or Locked.

  • Inactive status accounts are mostly ones where the user password has expired. When the user tries to login, they will be greeted with ‘Login Failed’.
  • Locked status accounts are a direct result of the User entering the wrong password too many times.In both cases, the admin job is a 30 second fix. Unlock or activate the account, and for good measure, reset the password.

As admins, we should monitor Therap health and usage for our agency. It is much easier to prevent a crisis from occurring with diligent checks.          These are my “go-to” checks I run weekly.

  1. Login Details: This report will show you the number of logins per User, Total logins and Unqiue logins.
  2. New Count Report: Total S-Comms.
  3. Provider Summary Report: This report will show you totals of Active/Inactive Users. If you have many inactive users, identify who they are from the Dashboard User List. It may be time to inactivate accounts.
    NOTE:  Inactive Users total in the Provider Summary report is the sum of Inactive, Locked, Deleted and Pending Users.

Generally available nearly 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. With coverage split between Therap teams in the United States and Bangladesh. Therap Live Help is another great tool to keep in your arsenal.

Make a cheat sheet for yourself. If you only access these tools once a week, or only when a problem is reported, you will be able to quickly re-familiarize yourself with navigating the Therap waters.