No, it’s not Christmas, although it feels like it in Arkansas. Side note, why, why, why is it so cold in the south, it is March ya know, flip flops, capris…but I digress. It is time for Special Olympics!!!

This time at ROC never fails to remind me how much fun life can really be. There has been lots of changes in this area for our organization this year. Instead of just track and field, we now have a bowling team, a basketball team, and a bocce ball team. Dorene Mosier and Amber Mackey have really worked hard to organize us all and have done an amazing job. ROC’s bowling team took gold in their division in the State Championships and our basketball team took bronze in their division. So a huge shout out to all of our athletes for working so hard!

Sometimes, we, as staff get caught up in the daily grind of paperwork and there is nothing like going out and coaching and practicing with the individuals we serve to remind us all that what we do isn’t about the paperwork, the computer, the regulations, or the guidelines. It is about being a part of the lives of the individuals. So, if you get the chance, volunteer for Special Olympics at your organization. When you step back and look at it, it is a privilege for someone to let you into their life, take every opportunity to deserve it.