Picture of Christine Oldfield, Therap's Certified Trainer

Welcome Christine Oldfield, the Records Manager from CSDD in Buffalo, NY. She is now part of the pack of Certified Trainers running wild all over the place.

I asked her to write a little bit about herself and she is a woman of few words…which means she could be hiding something like hunting vampires in her spare time, or something like that. We will drag it out of her…Just give us some time.

This is Christine’s bio:

In 2000, I started working at CSDD in the Habilitation Services Program. I left in 2002 to work at Crisis Services for six and a half years as a case manager, working with survivors of domestic violence, elder abuse and sexual assault.  I returned to CSDD as a Medicaid Service Coordinator for nearly five years in the Parents & Youth Program.  I just recently moved into the Records Manager position.  I’m also the provider administrator for CSDD. 

Joe Pendergast is also from CSDD. We’ll see what he has to say about Christine…dragon hunter? CIA agent?…