I have had a busy and exciting month. I continue to learn more of my job. We have gone through two state reviews this month and Therap was mentioned in a positive manner with both. This is great, as Bonnie and I continue to advocate to use more.
Our agency will have all people supported using MARS by the end of the month. We will then be working on entering more of the health information starting with appointments. By July 1st, we will have everyone’s plan in ISP Plan. My next project is working on a format for Quarterly Reports in ISP Programs.

This is all exciting; however, the best day of the month was March 24 when grandchild # 12 was born. A little boy, Kinton William. I now have 6 granddaughters and 6 grandsons.
Now we are looking forward to spring. It is still quite cold here and we still have some snow.

Have a great day! Later–Betty