Hi Blog Friends,

Whew….keeping up with this blogging business is harder than it seems!   Is it me or is this year flying by at a ridiculous pace?  I cannot believe that Independent Options is coming up on the ONE YEAR mark this summer of using Therap!  Just the thought of all that we have done makes me want to go take a nice long nap on a hammock somewhere where the breeze is warm, the beverages are cold, and there isn’t a wifi connection in a 10 mile radius.   Okay, who am I kidding?!  Not having wifi would certainly make me break out in cold sweats and twitch slightly but the rest sounds quite pleasant.   Enough day dreaming and onto blogging…

Independent Options reached another milestone this week by hosting our first User Group meeting.  Primarily geared towards ICF providers, it was a great discussion lead by Kevin Dierks on the new CCHIT features.  I am especially excited about the new Consents feature that gives us a handy dandy place to store all those documents that require a signature.   We kept Kevin busy at IO the rest of the day with discussions about Personal Finance and Quality Assurance strategies.   I tell ya, brainstorming creative ways to enhance the quality of services with Kevin is always so inspiring.

I am looking forward to seeing what the Therap powers that be have in store for us in the next update.  I am keeping my fingers crossed the list growing in “My Issues” is all considered when making the changes but that’s probably as far fetched of a dream as me napping on a hammock somewhere right about now.  A girl can dream…

Happy Blogging!

Independent Options hosted it’s first User Group Meeting

Independent Options hosted it’s first User Group Meeting this week with Kevin Dierks.

All participants enjoyed a look at some of the CCHIT features recently added to Therap.