Ever tried to get something done but somehow you always find no time to do it? That is me. Every time I plan to sit down and write my blogs, how something gets in the way, taking away the time and before I know it, time has passed and I am supposed to do something else. So I move on and eventually I wind up not blogging. To overcome this malaise, I have come to realize the solution is simply to start writing whether I am waiting in a lunch queue or I am comfortably sitting down to eat my dinner. When a topic appears on my mind, I will simply start typing or penning it down. I have been procrastinating for so long about writing my book to the extent that I now almost doubt whether I will ever do it. If you are like me, please take heed and try to get away from this life style. It is a wasteful way to live because you waste a lot of valuable time that would have been spent being productive and, who knows, may be making millions of dollars for your pocket. Unless you take action right away, you may never get richer. You never influence other people unless you tell them what they don’t know. See, I have taken just a few minutes to put down this paragraph, giving you something to think about!