Seems like with every new project we have to forget the stuff we just learned. I hear that occasionally in my job as agencies roll out ISP plans and have to adapt AGAIN because they had put all their efforts into making a T-log or GER do everything (that maybe it did not need to do). Don’t get me wrong.  I like seeing people use their tools and do all sorts of creative things with them because they are new and better than the old tools.  I wrote an article for a monthly distribution for Mosaic just recently as they begin to implement a big CHUNK of modules after just finishing another chunk. The emphasis basically is don’t lose what you worked so hard to start when you move on to the next big thing.

My dad would be so proud to know I likened it to checking the car before going on a road trip.


Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Check your internal systems. Before taking on any new project, make sure you are ready. In this case, check to see if you have a clear understanding and expectation of what your current system/policies/processes are around the stuff you just learned. Do you need maintenance?  Take a survey around the office just to check if you are ready to go. If the answers to these questions are uncertain, agencies may want to clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations before moving into new territory.”

What it boils down to is 1).knowing where you have been and recognizing your progress, 2). knowing where you are and being comfortable in your routines and with your current tools, and 3). knowing where you are headed so you know what to keep and what you can adapt.

The theme was nice but all I want to do now is take a ROAD TRIP!!!!  Somebody pay for my gas please. Carpool?  Anyone????


…and here are some pictures of ducks.


Hide and go duck

bashful duck