TRC is in the final stages of rolling out the Therap MAR.  To avoid confusion between paper MARs and Therap MARs we call the Therap MAR the “eMAR”.  When the rollout started some of my coworkers decided the name sounded like a small critter, and that’s when Evangeline the eMAR arrived in the office.

Small Critter,

As you start the eMAR, what are some things you have determined work best?  One policy we have in place is T-Notes may only be deleted by the Site RN.  Sometimes people think if they trash a T-Note it only removes it from their page on the eMAR, however it removes it from everyone.  If you are not sure who trashed a T-Note a provider admin can do an Activity Tracking report to find out.  Another policy we have in place is at the beginning/end of your shift or any time you switch keys as a Med Passer you must run a Due Medications Report for Overdue Medications to double check you have passed/signed for all medications due during your shift.