I appreciate being reminded about capabilities within  Therap.  It is also easy to get into my routine and not take time to do some browsing within Therap to keep up on the most recent updates.

So my intent with this blog is to remind everyone about the “List of Reports” that are available within Therap.   You can find the list of reports by simply going to the “Agency” tab on the Dashboard and click on “List of Reports”.

Here are a few that I’ve found helpful:

Diagnosis report – all active Individual (without program)

This report is handy for when you have to provide information for upcoming reviews or reports required for funding entities.

GER Report – Management summary

This is the one I use consistently for implementation of our Incident Management System at LifeQuest.  This exports tons of information from the GERs and you export it to excel and use the multiple cool features within that program to sort, filter and analyze your data.  Super cool for analytical nerds!

IDF Detail – All Individuals

IDF Detail – By Individual

These two reports are very helpful for a variety of reasons.  The one that generates information for all individuals within your system is handy to check on how complete your IDFs are and if there is critical information missing.  Another way to track for trends within your organization as the consistency of information being provided.  For example if you have outlined specific guidelines for how  to explain the level of supervision required – you can review that easily with this report option.

IDF Contact – All Active Individual

Great tool for mailings!

User Access by Caseloads

User Access by Individual

User Access by Program

User Access on Abuse/Neglect GER

User Access on All Individuals

As many of us can relate to – managing the permissions is an ongoing process.  These reports are very helpful with that task.  Considering how important it is to ensure we are compliant with HIPAA requirements it is not just handy – it is

User Detailed Information

This information pertains to the users (employees) within the system.  Again, can be used for a variety of different tasks.

I only highlighted a handful of reports available within Therap.  I want to thank Therap for listening to our requests for these capabilities and making them available.  Take a few minutes and do some surfing in the reports – could find  something that saves you a bunch of time!