I would first like to thank Wendy Cranford for her initial instructions on creating Effective Splash Pages! We, here at Mosaic, are in the unusual situation of using only Linux without Microsoft PowerPoint. Some users had tried using the instructions with our version of Microsoft PowerPoint, known as LibreOffice Impress, but to no avail. So today, I decided to sit down and figure this thing out. Here is what I discovered!

1. Any Picture will work!

  •  I was able to use an actual jpg picture (of my dog – see below!), or create my own using an image tool (ie GIMP or MSPaint)
  • The picture will need to be scaled (or sized) in the image tool (no ability to resize in the Splash Page)

2. Paste into a program that allows you to “Copy Image

  • Copying the file from the desktop, I discovered, works in Windows environments, but not in our Linux environment (the path to the file kept showing instead of the picture)
  • I knew that our email program (gmail) has a setting that allows pasting of pictures and they show within the email. From my image editor, I selected Copy. What I discovered today, was that once you paste the picture into the email, you can right-click and a menu appears that has an option to Copy Image.

Copy Image

  • I could then go to the Splash Page and paste the picture.
I’m sure that there are other programs that will allow you to do the same thing (Copy Image) – email is one that I always happen to have open, so it was an easy choice to try first.
Also, working in an image editor program eliminates the need for Grouping of items and doing the additional “Save As” functionality.
NOTE: It took a bit of work to figure out creating a picture in LibreOffice Impress – I actually had to use Fontworks (instead of a text field) since I used a picture instead of a shape. Then I had to Select All, followed by Convert to BMP, which then gave me an option to “Save As” when I right-clicked.