OK, I know I don’t blog probably as much as I should, but hey quality over quantity. First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the concern of my state during the recent tornadoes and storms. As Oklahoma’s certified trainer, we thank you. I heard a certain ex-presidential candidate and 700 Club member ask why would people choose to live where they know there are tornadoes….?

So I wonder why we would live on the west coast (earthquakes) or east coast (hurricanes and on The Avengers alien invasions) or for that fact, New Mexico where water and anything green seem to be in demand. It’s because it’s not about the area you live it’s about who lives in your area…it’s the friends, family, coworkers, and all the people in our lives who make where we live home. In light of all that’s happened in my state and all the compassion that has been given to those in need please remember that people are in need every day.

Make sure to share the compassion every day not just during times of disaster, take time to love yourself and those around you…cause you never know when they will no longer be around.

Take care, Therapites. Peace, love, and Therap…D out!!!