May 2013 NHTC completed yet another successful accreditation with CQL.  Many laughs were had (thank you Ty) & much learning to take us into the next years of providing great services.  Good Job everyone!
Support Me  SUPPORT ME
Person centered organizations encourage people to follow their dreams & desires & goals.  They support people to continually grow & develop.
Plan with mePLAN WITH ME
Person centered planning keeps the focus on the person as  the  key decision maker in their life

Partner with mePARTNER WITH ME

Person centered organization recruit, hire & train a diverse, competent paid & volunteer  workforce


Learn about meLEARN ABOUT ME

Assessment & discovery initiate & guide  planning & implementation of person centered supports

Lead with meLEAD  WITH ME
Person centered organization engages in responsible governance & management practices. These practices are grounded  in ethical, accountable & open systems.
Budget with meBUDGET WITH ME
Emerging practices in the delivery of person centered  excellence.
Be Open with me BE OPEN WITH ME
Organization exercise a public trust &  have a responsibility to people receiving services, their families, the community, funders and employees
Connect me  CONNECT ME
Community encompasses place, people, culture, services & trust.  Community connection means that the organization interacts with people, networks & resources beyond  its physical boundaries.