Shannon CrawfordJust taking a moment to type in the last month or so of activity. I was lucky enough to speak at the New Mexico Therap conference and meet some friendly folks May 29-30th. I got to glimpse into what it would be like to work in a state where Therap was mandated. I now have a totally different perspective on the challenges of client movement and data management with linked providers. I also woke up to hot air balloons, road up a wire in a wobbly cart to the top of a mountain, and got out before the fires started in Santa Fe.  (I swear it wasn’t me.)  Then it was back to Texas for me.

I spent a good three weeks prepping for and attending two major training events for the provider Mosaic. I spent two solid weeks on the road working with members of Mosaic’s performance services team to train Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on the use of ISP modules including ISP data, ISP programs and ISP plans. What we learned, repetition is everything. Saying “ISP plans” is redundant but important. Getting into the system shortly after training is key.  Putting Miama Heat logos as screen savers on computers used for training right when the San Antonio Spurs are in the NBA finals with the Heat can ruffle a few feathers ’round here.  Restaurants are not kidding when they say  giant spuds are really, REALLY large potatoes. Longhorns are alive and well in Texas.  I can still ride a horse, but the recovery is a little harder when you’re not 17.

Yes, there were so many lessons learned.  Texas hospitality is also alive and well.  I will continue to support folks technically and be their cheerleader throughout their six month project roll out. I am looking to the north to go visit some friends and agencies in Iowa as well who have already started implementing these modules. Note to all – building ISP programs in the system can take some time but seeing the end product in action is a lot of fun. Staff love entering ISP data and Q’s/ case managers/care coordinators really like the efficiency of reports!!

Throw in a house renovation project or two and time spent with dogs, family, and friends and it’s one busy summer!!!! Wish me luck.