How do you track program or site specific information in Therap?

I would love to hear how many different people are managing this. As I work with more providers who are working to remove paper as much as possible and utilize Therap to its fullest, this question is now coming up frequently. I have heard about the process of creating “fake” individuals in the system to represent a program or site and creating an ISP program for those specific items. Then I hear from Therap folks (especially Justin) NOOOOO!, don’t create “fake” individuals.

Ok then, how do we do this? I’m talking about things like house duties, vehicle checks, fire drills, house money crossover, etc…

I’ve found a number of helpful templates in the global template library for some of these things, but that would mean they are still individually based documentation (which is fine, it just makes more/duplicative documentation for the direct support). So I’m looking for a way to capture this type of information in an efficient and functional manner.

Ideas? Suggestions?