So I’ve been sitting here for the past 20 minutes staring at the computer screen hoping the magic blog fairy will give me an idea to blog about… It’s like my brain is made of mud from the millions of things I have been trying to keep up with lately. I think Google knows everything so I do a quick search, just to find myself reading other people’s blogs on a million various subjects that have no interest to me but I cannot seem to pull myself away. So I think okay, let’s not over think this, maybe I can write something inspirational like a lot of other people do. But, then again maybe a pessimist is not the best person to inspire others. So maybe instructional, but then again this is the Therap web site so everything you ever wanted to know about Therap can be found in a simple search or on one of the other brilliant trainers’ blogs. So I say I thought this is a great time to list the top ten things I love about Therap:
1. ISP data
2. BERs
3. GERs
4. Tlogs
6. IPOPs
7. Emergency data forms
8. Health tracking
9. MARs

So I know this is not the blog you wish you had just spent the past five minutes reading, but at least it wasn’t political!